Everything You Need To Know About Radio Commercials

radio spots

Radio commercials are a very effective as part of an overall marketing plan, but it needs to be done well.  When designing your first radio ad, here are six things to keep in mind to make it as effective as possible.

       1. Understand Your Target Audience

       On the radio, take the time to think about how and when your audience will hear your ad.  This will help you choose the right time and give the right information.  For example, if you expect most of your audience to listen during your drive through the night, align your targeting with that hour and create an ad that can stop them on their way home and make a purchase.

       2. Know the Right Station

       After defining your audience and how or when they can listen, choose the right broadcaster.  Your demographic prospect has a certain type of broadcaster or radio personality they love to listen to.  For example, if you target men, sports radio is a good option.  If you’re targeting women, it may be better to talk on the radio or at a specific music station.  Identify your audience, then choose a broadcaster that is a good fit for them.

       3. Use the Right Frequency

       Repetition helps with learning, and the more your audience hears your message, the better they’ll remember it.  On radio, frequency 3 is the strongest thing to remember.  It takes a listener three times as long to hear an ad to build recognition and trust in your brand.  Aim for a frequency that hits your target audience at least three times a week. 

       4. Keep It Simple

       Long, drawn out radio ads are not effective.  People should get the information you want to provide in 30 to 60 seconds and need a strong call to action.  It is also important that the call-to-action is easy to remember.  A simple web address or phone number that is repeated so often that you can remember it without writing it down is important.  You also want to provide useful information without impacting your listener.  Remember, there are many people in the car listening, which means they can’t write down information, so keep that in mind.

       5. Integrate Other Advertising Measures

       Your radio ad should be integrated with other marketing tactics, including your digital advertising.  This will help you improve your results and maintain brand consistency.  When choosing a wireless partner, choose one that is also digital.  This will help you develop an integrated marketing strategy that will keep each channel cohesive and integrated.  It also helps increase customer promotion while increasing your potential reach.

       6. Consult a Media Partner

       Getting your first radio ad chance is very important.  Consulting with a media partner like Zimmer can help you develop a strategy that reaches the right audience at the right time so that your advertising budget delivers the best possible results.  With a partner who understands radio advertising, you’ll make the best possible decisions for your advertising campaigns.

       Radio, when done correctly, reaches the public the moment they are ready to make a purchase.  Consider these six factors when creating your first radio ad and contact Zimmer today to find out how our media experts can help you launch a successful radio campaign.